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The 24" straight welded pipe on-line machine in our company, also the first imported one in China, was introduced from Jang Wuel Steel Machinery Co.,LTD, which is equipped with on-line furnace for hard meltdown and heat treatment. It is far better than the UOE welding fabrication whatever in the field of welding line, roundness and straightness which directly improves the finished product craft of domestic heavy caliber and greatly meets the demands in Petrolane, Chemical, Dyeing and Finishing areas.



Large Diameter Stainless Steel Pipe

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Stainless steel pipe for building decoration, new stainless steel industrial piping, stainless steel pipe for mechanical structure, stainless steel pipe for food sanitary drinking water, stainless steel pipe for heat exchanger, thin-walled stainless steel drinking water pipe, large diameter stainless steel industrial piping and other stainless steel welded pipe products




Product Application: Products are widely applicable in the area chemical, industry, petroleum, papermakin, energy, sewage engineering and etc.

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