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Quality Assurance
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Quality is the foundation of business survival and an important form of product value.
     Yongda's innovation activities have achieved fruitful scientific and technological achievements. In the past three years, it has achieved 18 scientific and technological achievements and won scientific and technological achievements.
11 items, including 4 at the national level, 1 at the provincial level, and 6 at the municipal level, and 1 paper was published. Total number of standards hosted and participated in the development
2 items (including industry standards, national standards, international standards).




Through independent research and development, Yongda Company has obtained 11 utility model patents at the same time. At the same time, it has innovated and introduced 6 advanced utility model patents to digest and absorb other advanced technologies.
   In the past three years, Yongda Company has a total of 8 research projects, including 6 new products, new technologies and new process development projects.