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Development Goals
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Research and development is an important task for companies to continue to operate. Continuous introduction of new technologies. High-efficiency production equipment and the development of new products with high added value have always been the goal of the company. More importantly, the company has a first-class steel machinery and equipment manufacturing plant.
Therefore, the planning of the production process, the improvement of the production equipment, the development, the improvement of the process technology, the improvement of the production environment, etc., are our special attention, and also directly ensure that the company can always maintain the equipment precision and technology leadership in the same industry. , the status of excellent quality.
After years of hard work, it has developed into a strong, large-scale and technologically advanced enterprise in the field of stainless steel pipe manufacturing. The rapid development of the times and the fierce competition in the market have always spurred us to constantly surpass ourselves. Facing the challenges of the future, it is imperative for the development of enterprises to face internationalization and diversification. Yongda will adhere to the consistent professionalism, cooperation and technical exchanges, expand overseas markets, develop high value-added products, achieve domestic and international perspective, and pursue perseverance. Operating objectives.