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Stainless Steel Welded Tube/Pipe
Light Gauge Stainless Steel Pipe For Ordinary Piping
Light Gauge Stainless Steel Pipe For Ordinary Piping

Light Gauge Stainless Steel Pipe For Ordinary Piping

Product features:1.Long durability/the usage limit corld be up to 50-100 years;2.Strong corrosion resistance, good hygiene, high tensile strength/the plastic pipe release the environmental hormone which affects the fertility, the ordinary copper pipe get rust easily which impacts the quality of water. The tensile strength of 304 stainless steel pipe is twice of steel pipe, three to four times fo copper pipe and eight to ten of plastic pipe;3.Smooth inside bead and low fluid resistance, compared with metal pipes with the same flow section, the water flow current could increase in 45% or more;4.Good look and gracious shape, the pipe could keep clean even if being uncovered install to it is of difficult tu rust;5.The green and environment friendly star of tomorrow the green material, during the process of production. it is more economical when compared with other types of pipe thanks to the recycling fo the damage.
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Product Application: It is applicable in the industrial and civic cold water, hot water, heating, geaing gases pipeline networks, fire fighting system, and so as the solar energy tubes, conditioning tubes etc.

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